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Mobile Home Foundation Tie-Down Systems

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Mobile homes are found extensively throughout Florida. In the past they were simply set down on block piers, but no longer. Florida's current requirements far exceed Federal HUD requirements. Here is some history.


1973 First tie-down requirements established – 4 corners only

1976 HUD takes over mobile home programs with added tie-down requirements

1992 Hurricane Andrew hits Florida

1994 HUD further strengthens mobile home structural requirements

1996 Florida requires all mobile home installers to be licensed

1998 Tornados hit the Orlando area

1999 Florida makes major changes to tie-down requirements

2009 HUD standardizes mobile home installation nationwide

The stringent Florida requirements have significantly reduced the instances of mobile home damage during the most recent hurricanes. Those mobile homes with the current Florida tie down requirement were still standing after major hurricanes while those without these new tie downs were off their piers and turned over.

Lon Barnaby has completed the identical training conducted by Florida's Department of Motor Vehicles for Mobile Home Installers in order for them to be licensed to install mobile homes in Florida. His Mobile Home Foundation Tie Down Inspection Reports not only describe the current tie down arrangement of a home and its condition, but the additional features that would be needed to comply with the latest Florida tie down requirements.

Installing Tie-Down Anchors