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LAB Pro Inspection provides a basic Septic System Inspection with every home as described in the Septic Section of the Why LAB Pro page; however a full Septic System Inspection is available at a small additional cost when conducted during a home inspection. This full Septic System Inspection includes the following:

  • Type of Septic System - cistern, gravity drain, pumped, aerated, new technologies
  • Visual inspection of waste drains, vents, ground surfaces, drainfield location/condition
  • Removal of septic tank lid (excavation by others prior to start of inspection)
  • Interior septic tank measurements - size and levels of liquid, sludge and scum
  • Potential drainfield problems - trees, landscaping, swimming pools, rainwater intrusion
  • Water flow into the septic tank and drainfield approximating 1 to 2 days of normal usage
  • Monitoring septic tank liquid level during entire water flow test period
  • Moisture of drainfield before and after water flow test period - minimum of 8 probes used
  • Inspection of property to identify any potential septic bypassing
  • Septic Tank pumping after water flow test is completed (arranged and paid by others)
  • Visual inspection of tank interior including inlet and outlet baffles

For occupied homes with pumped septic systems the following additional inspection steps are conducted:

  • Pump tank access cover removed
  • Visual inspection of tank interior for cracks, accumulated scum/sludge, wiring defects, etc.
  • Observe pump operation, adding liquid if needed and record pump start/stop liquid levels and running time
  • Record water volume pumped into the raised drainfield
  • If possible, have pump discharge liquids to the raised drainfield twice
  • Check drainfield moisture before and after pump operation

Septic System Construction