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Home Warranty

One year Home Warranty Inspections provide the best protection from builder shortcomings and common occurrences during the first year after construction. Lon has completed over 750 Warranty Inspections in The Villages since 2010. He focuses this specialized inspection on items that most people would never consider. The findings are reviewed with the homeowner and any items identified by the homeowner are incorporated into a thorough report that is provided to the homeowner. In addition, those items requiring builder action are prepared in a separate report that LAB Pro provides to the Warranty Department. Some of the items included in the LAB Pro Home Warranty Inspection are:

  • Structural settlement
  • Roof condition
  • Attic insulation, structure, ventilation
  • Electrical circuit breaker panel safety - loose wires, AFCI & GFCI breaker operation, etc.
  • Interior perimeter moisture levels
  • Window/door moisture levels
  • Bathroom sink overflow flow, toilet stability, shower wall moisture, etc.
  • Electrical receptacle wiring orientation and grounding
  • GFCI receptacle functioning
  • GFCI protection at kitchen counters, garages, exterior, bathrooms, etc.
  • Gas appliance gas leakage, presence of carbon monoxide (CO), gas piping leaks, etc.
  • Overhead garage door safety
  • Smoke detector operation
  • Attic safety
  • Hurricane-resistant roof construction
  • Attic ventilation, insulation, etc.