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Why LAB Pro


  • Leaking Sinks, Showers, Hot Water Heaters, Dishwashers, Toilets
  • Sink Overflow Operation
  • Toilet Stability
  • Hot Water Tank Pressure-Temperature Safety Relief Valve Operation
  • Exterior Water Hose Bibs


  • Settlement
  • Sink Hole Indicators
  • Cracking Foundations, Walls, Roof Structure, etc.
  • Roof Hurricane Restraints
  • Damaged Structural Members


  • Roofing Defects, Ventilation Provisions
  • Exterior Wall Cracks, Settlement, Staining, Unevenness
  • Drainage & Resistance to Water-Wicking, Pest Entry, etc.
  • Restricted Discharge Vent Hoods
  • Water Entry Potential


  • Moisture Readings - Interior Perimeter, Around Windows, Around Doors, etc.
  • Wall Cracks, Nail Pops
  • Refrigerator Interior Temperatures, Icemaker Provisions
  • Operate All Appliances, All Windows, All Cabinets, and All Doors
  • Cracked Mirrors, Missing Grout, Indications & Mold
  • Window Shades, Door Locks, Ceiling Fans, Bathroom Exhaust Fans
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