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Why LAB Pro

Sprinkler Systems

  • Operate Controller, Check Program (Zone Times, Scheduled Days, Scheduled Time)
  • POperate Sprinkler System, Identify Significant Leaks
  • Check Rain Sensor Operation

Wood Destroying Pests (WDO Inspection Certification At Additional Cost)

  • Damaged Structural Members (Engineer-Stamped Repair Sketches Provided)
  • Susceptible Areas For Pest Infiltration
  • Probe Suspected Areas of Infestation

Mold (Mold Testing Available At Additional Cost)

  • Identify Potential Mold Areas (Mold Testing Provided At Additional Cost)
  • Identify Moisture Source Causing Mold.
  • Provide Moisture Corrective Actions

Water Well (Water Testing Available At Additional Cost)

  • Operate Water Well, Record Well Pump Start/Stop Times & Pressures
  • Well Proper Distance From Septic Tank and Septic Drainfield
  • Water Well Casing Resistance To Bacteria Growth
  • Water Treatment Provisions

Septic (Full Septic System Inspection Available At Additional Cost)

  • Operate Faucets To Approximate 1 to 2 Days Typical Water Use
  • Inspect For Drainage Back-Ups, Septic Drainfield Flooding